Turbo Balancing Technology

Turbo Clinic offers the latest in Turbo Balancing Technology. Our VSR Core Balancing Machine offers precise balancing and turbo data – offering a fast indication on the condition of your turbocharger. VSR balancing is suitable for new, reconditioned, hybrid and repaired turbochargers.


• Measurements in pk-G’s – corresponds to manufacturers data.

• Stored balance data – Oil temperature auto-control system. Oil temperature is controlled precisely (i.e. Oil temperature auto-control system controls the oiltemperature at 35±2°C.) Therefore, measurement is more precise and well repeated.

• Short testing time. It only takes five seconds to finish the whole-speed balancing test.

• Printer Output- customer printout proves the quality of turbo rebuild – Measurement parameters are displayed directly on the computer screen and easy to understand. The vibration acceleration, rotation speed, angle, oil temperature, oil pressure and etc. are displayed one-to-one on the computer screen. The data can be saved and printed.

VSR Core Balancing Machine

cimat-twin-balancer-300x200The dynamic balancing of rotation components will directly affect the reliability of turbocharger, as the rotation speed of turbocharger is from 20,000 rpm up to about 200,000 rpm.

Our VSR core balancing machine is suitable for small and medium-sized turbocharger. For accomplished installed turbocharger, when close to the real working rotation speed, the dynamic imbalance of the rotation components can be eliminated effectively by core balancing machine.

The original turbine housings are used as driving parts. The driving force exerted on the turbine is exactly the same as the real working condition, thus the measurement of vibration is more precise.

Reconditioning Service

turbo-300x211Our turbo reconditioning service offers you an opportunity to gain back the performance of your used or worn out turbocharger.All of our turbochargers that undergo reconditioning are repaired to OEM specifications and only use quality parts .

Turn around time for turbocharger reconditioning is usually between 4 – 6 hours.

All work that is carried out by Turbo Clinic is offered with a warranty.

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Is your turbocharger worn out? Why not use our turbocharger exchange service?

We offer exchange units for most popular makes and applications. Our exchange range of turbocharges are in stock at all times.

Please contact us with details of the turbocharger you wish to exchange.


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Racechip® are one of the largest international chip tuning companies with well over 100,000 customers. Their well known chip tuning modules, RaceChip®, RaceChip® Pro2 and RaceChip® Ultimate have been developed by their engineers to increase engine power without compromising vehicle components.



Their products are easy to install and can be done by yourself in just a few minutes. Their supplemental control unit provides most vehicles with turbo diesel or turbo petrol engines a power increase of up to 31%. At the same time, you can save up to 1 litre fuel per 100 kilometres. Their database contains over 2,200 vehicle applications to fit RaceChip® power boxes.


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